A WinklePress V from 1984 was in operation for many years in Bad Dürkheim at Cordier Fibres GmbH, a member of the DYNOS Group. However, due to the increased requirements for sludge dewatering, the old plant was no longer adequate and a replacement was urgently needed. Therefore, the old press had to be replaced by a modern WinklePress model.

The demanding product portfolio of the Cordier company comprises of special papers such as marble paper, battery separators, label paper for grinding wheels or even base papers for vulcanised fibre. At the Bad Dürkheim site, a large part of the necessary raw material is produced from textile waste. The sludge produced in the production and biological wastewater treatment processes has been reliably dewatered for years by the WinklePress.

Therefore, Cordier opted for Bellmer also for the new model. Thanks to the optimised roller configuration and the gentle pressure increase, the highest final dry contents can be achieved with the new WP Green 1. The press is equipped with an extended belt support, which additionally optimises the pre-dewatering.
An important factor in the replacement of the presses was the smooth exchange. Production should not be interrupted in the process.

Therefore, the mobile WinklePress of the mobile Bellmer test unit ensured the dewatering of the produced sludge for the duration of the rebuild. The team at Cordier in Bad Dürkheim is very satisfied with their new WinklePress. Efficient sludge dewatering is assured for the coming years.

Bellmer Winklepress Cordier

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