Düsseldorf South sewage treatment plant opts for a TurboDrain for the 4th time

The Düsseldorf South sewage treatment plant is located on the right bank of the Rhine in the Hamm district of Düsseldorf. The sewage treatment plant has a considerable capacity of 1,090,000 population equivalents. The annual volume of wastewater treated is around 40 million cubic meters.
Since 1986, four centrifuges for excess sludge thickening have been used at the Düsseldorf South sewage treatment plant. Due to high maintenance and servicing costs and the high electrical energy consumption of the centrifuge systems, it was decided to replace the centrifuge system technology with belt thickeners. After successful preliminary tests in 2013, the centrifuges have been continuously replaced with Bellmer TurboDrain TDC 2 belt thickeners. In 2020, the fourth line with a TDC 2 was successfully put into operation. Thus, the entire thickening of the excess sludge in the Düsseldorf South sewage treatment plant is now carried out with belt thickeners. The operators’ expectations regarding the reduction of service and maintenance costs as well as energy consumption were met and confirmed.

The Bellmer TurboDrain is particularly characterised by its user-friendly, solid design, high degree of automation and low energy consumption. The staff at the Düsseldorf South sewage treatment plant is enthusiastic and aware that the completed replacement of the units is the right investment for the future.


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