Herbst Umwelttechnik GmbH has been operating in the field of environmental protection for more than 38 years. As early as 1993, Bellmer supplied 4 WinklePresses in size 3 for sludge dewatering to the Berlin-based company.

After almost 30 years of trouble-free operation, the 4 presses were due for an overhaul. A new location was planned at Schwarze Pumpe, a district of the Brandenburg town of Spremberg. There the machines were first installed outdoors and then the building around the plants was completed.
The medium being dewatered is iron hydroxide sludge from mine water purification. The WinklePresses dewater the material to over 30 % DS with an inflow of approx. 2 % solids. Herbst Umwelttechnik relied on the know-how of the Bellmer Service Team Separation Technology.

A complete overhaul and a new press zone extension from 10 to 14 press rolls brought the aging 4 presses back up to date. As a result, Herbst Umwelttechnik is pleased to report greatly improved dewatering results and substantially reduced operating costs for subsequent processing. Of the existing machines, only the frame was retained and re-galvanized. The complete “inner life” of the WinklePresses was renewed.
Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Seidel on the cooperation with Bellmer: “We are very satisfied with our WinklePresses. Thanks to the rebuilds carried out in recent years, the presses are like new. We achieve excellent final dry contents and thus save operating costs.”

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