8th Paper Days in Niefern-Öschelbronn

Paper Technology of Tomorrow

Around 200 participants from 25 countries worldwide followed the invitation to the Paper Days from September 21 – 22. The focus of the conference was on presentations by top-class speakers on currently completed or ongoing Paper Technology projects. Experts and friends of the paper industry spent two informative, exciting and convivial days in Niefern-Öschelbronn.

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Already for the 8th time and fitting to the 180th anniversary year Bellmer invited to the popular Paper Days in Niefern-Öschelbronn. Only real “Passion for Paper” makes this long tradition and the many long-standing partnerships on the customer and supplier side possible. The Paper Days concept convinces with a mixture of presentations by top-class experts from the field, interaction between the participants and intensive exchange. The topics of the presentations range from effective pulping, optimized sheet formation, gentle press concepts, efficient winding technology, energy savings thanks to improved air and disposal technology, and the sustainable importance of paper as a medium.

Overview of the technical presentations

15 external and top-class speakers reported on their Paper Technology projects. Jens Bussmann from Vreden paper mill (D) focused on improving strength and production in the rebuild project currently being carried out. A top wire with the TurboJetter headbox as its centerpiece increased strength values and CD profiles by 11% on average. Overall production was also improved by 7% thanks to the new two-ply operation.

Stacy Higgins from WestRock Solvay (USA) also focused on headbox technology. The TurboJetter supplied there impresses with its optimum values in the cross-profile and TSO areas. The 3D engineering carried out beforehand, the excellent production support, and the smooth installation and start-up guaranteed the rebuild a complete success.

The TurboShaker was the main topic of the presentation by Stéphane Vigreux, Norpaper & Alexandre Rollés, Société Charles Roux (F). The 3D scan performed revealed the ideal installation position in rather confined space conditions. The load test of the breast roll system determined the necessary rebuild requirements. Thus optimally prepared, the TurboShakter was able to develop its full potential: Production capacity increased by up to 5%, paper properties such as Bendtsen roughness not only improved permanently, but exceeded all set targets.

Ashraf Nathani from Mehali Paper (IN) dedicated his presentation to the press section. Mehali is a leading manufacturer of coated recycled board with considerable exports. Considering the growing market for its products, the company decided to invest in a shoe press in March 2020. This project was completed in a short period of time and shows what a good partnership between supplier and buyer can achieve. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the project was realized with precise timing and the best result.

The challenges and advantages of a CurtainCoater at Buchmann Karton (D) were the subject of the presentation by Daniel Schätzle and Torsten Moser. Both stated that they had taken “their cartonboard” a big step into the future with the conversion from a GSM Coater to a CurtainCoater. The Bellmer TurboCurtainCoater is an easy-to-operate system that offers the best quality for paper coating or precoating on the paper machine. Depending on the application, our experts adapt the Curtain Coater optimally to the range of products.

Petr Fryčák and Ondřej Vlk informed the interested audience about Bellmer’s (CZ) Innovation Center for optimal fiber treatment. Here innovations are developed and tested, process analyses are carried out – also of customer plants -, fiber materials are examined and the best possible optimizations are developed for customers in the areas of stock preparation.

Transport for jumbo rolls of gypsum board without safety risks and at a tradable distance played a decisive role in the rebuild project and in the presentation by Markus Schneider of Weig (D). Elements of the new transport system besides the Poperoller TurboReeler include an empty reel lifter and fully automatic reel transport by a TurboTransporter. Monitoring of all stations guarantees additional safety.

Tom Hartung from Hamburger Rieger (D) explained with his presentation the energy-saving possibilities by means of hood, air and condensate systems. In the joint rebuild project, a multi-stage WRG system was installed in the hood air technology area. In a durable and easy-to-maintain design, secondary energy can be maximized. With the new steam and condensate system, Hamburger Rieger has an optimal hall climate. The combination of cascades and thermocompressor system realizes the adaptation of the heating capacity to the respective product.

Filip Stiborský and Helmut Riesenberger from Mondi (CZ) reported on the EcoVantage project – the conversion of their complete line in Steti to kraftliner. After an investment of 67 million euros, Mondi now has the first European paper machine for the production of specialty kraft papers from virgin and recycled fibers for carrier bags in the retail and online trade. The major project was successfully realized together with Bellmer. A TurboJetter headbox, the press section with TurboPress shoe press, Air & Steam Technology, and a new TurboReeler and TurboWinder winder are part of the scope of supply. After visiting a reference plant in Russia, the decision was made in favor of Bellmer; also to the delight of Filip Stiborský, who celebrated his birthday on the same day. With the TurboWinder, he thus got “an especially big birthday cupcake”, as his wish for a reliable and perfect winder was fulfilled with the Bellmer winder.

Future mill concept and innovations from Stora Enso were explained by Heinz Felder from Stora Enso (D) in his presentation. The presentation dealt with a future mill concept for the pulp and paper industry with a focus on new working methods and digitalization. The time horizon here extended to the year 2040.

Olav Dau and his Chinese colleague Gavin Zhang from Bellmer (D/CN) demonstrated in a live session the immediate help via BellCare live remote – the competent and fast on-site help with augmented reality glasses.

The topic of the presentation by Allard van der Slikke of Ecor (NL) was sustainable circular economy. ECOR Global manufactures panels from 100% recycled cellulose / fiber waste, replacing non-recyclable and toxic building materials (particleboard, plywood, MDF, etc.). For the production facility in Venlo (NL), Bellmer supplied a new type of WinklePress for dewatering the fibers and forming the boards.
Separation Technology also played the main role in the presentation by Dr. Frank Wenig from Steinbeis Papier (D). He explained how the screw presses installed there ensure the highest dry content in sludge dewatering. Christian Abt from Bellmer (D) highlighted a no less important topic. With the right shoe press all-round service, costs can be saved in the long term.

Paper is the future! In his presentation, Miika Hämäläinen reported on his contemporary and innovative company Cupbio Oy. A manufacturer of disposable cups that uses the innovative plastic-free, fully recyclable and compostable paperboard introduced by Kotkamills.

The entire range of paper as a product and the Bellmer TurboLine were thus illuminated. All Paper Days participants were united by their passion for paper production and the medium paper – “Passion for Paper”.

But paper did not only play a role in theory: In a joint painting workshop, individual works of art were created from it, which together created a completely new dynamic. The two days also included a Bellmer factory tour and a tour with wine tasting in the candlelit Unesco World Heritage Site Maulbronn Monastery. Good mood, delicious food, and colorful entertainment crowned the two days. We are looking forward to the next Paper Days 2024 – next time again in Finland…

A complete special kraft paper machine for carrier bags

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