Rebuild of the press section at Mpact Felixton

Mpact is a JSE-listed plastics and paper packaging manufacturer, with 41 operating sites in South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique, of which 22 are manufacturing operations. The paper division manufactures recycled-based packaging and industrial paper grades such as containerboard and cartonboard and comprises three mills, Felixton, Piet Retief and Springs. After positive experiences in the past, Mpact had again opted for the modernization specialist Bellmer for its current modernization of the PM 3 at Mpact Felixton. In addition to further quality improvement, the key outcome of the project was to increase dryness for the production of fl uting and testliner 90 – 170 g/m³. The 2nd press of PM3 was already equipped with a TurboPress shoepress in 2007. With the current conversion, the 1st press has now also been converted and a further, identical TurboPress – as a tandem shoepress – has been installed to increase the dryness. The installed TurboPress XL shoepress is the most powerful shoe module, capable to handle the highest loads and speeds desired.

The “XL” module can handle all common machine sizes; but typically used for larger machines. The force between the TurboRoll EN and SZ is kept between the housings itself, using a link system, without engaging any press frame. The TurboRoll SZ is equipped with a slip on gear box, transmitting the entire drive load from the motor to the shoe press module. The TurboRoll EN is equipped with a unique and patented shoe loading and lubrication system, which ensures a proper and uniform loading across the entire width. The loading curve is chosen for suiting the application best. A pulper under the reeler completed the scope of delivery. The project has again met expectations in terms of quality and positions Mpact Felixton as a leading producer in this segment.

bellmer turbopress

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