Plant manager Thomas Fritsch is happy about the excellent thickening results

The central sewage plant Wilhelmshaven is located on the northwestern shore of the Jadebusen, the great North Sea bay.
The wastewater and sludge treatment of the entire urban area; the industry of Wilhelmshaven and the city of Schortens is processed here.

The area of sludge thickening plays a vital role in this large amount of wastewater – here, the dry matter content (DS) is significantly reduced even with low energy consumption. As part of the expansion of their plant capacity, the team of the WWTP Wilhelmshaven decided to use two new TurboDrain TD Green 08C. Their continuous and consistent operation was just as crucial as low energy and maintenance costs. Decisive was also the achievement of a high final dry solids content, to be able to use this advantage in the downstream 2-stage intensive digestion. The odor hood of the TurboDrain enables the operating personnel to work aerosol-free and quietly. Thanks to its large openings for maintenance, the TD remains easy to clean.

For several months, the two TurboDrain are already in operation, and plant manager Thomas Fritsch and his team are delighted with the thickening results of about 7.0% DS.

Bellmer TurboDrain

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